Northwest Liquor Night – “Girl Scout Grown Up” (ep05) 2.09.17


Episode 05


Welcome to Northwest Liquor Night!  This weekly feature shines the spotlight on the region’s craft distilled spirits, and every week, we’ll introduce you to one of said spirits.  We’ll taste, talk about it, and boil down the experience to three little words, in the hopes the next time you reach for liquor, you’ll try this locally-made product!

Remember, this is a blind tasting, so if you don’t want to know the name of the liquor we’re tasting before you watch the show, stop reading here.  Come back after you watch and get all the information!




Tonight We’re Drinking: Flavored Vodka

Product:  Mad Mint Vodka – Batch 206 Distillery, Seattle WA

Guest Tasters:  Sandra Lee and John Lee


Episode Sponsor: Heritage Distilling Company, Gig Harbor WA

Cocktail Recipe Ideas Using Tonight’s Liquor: GO HERE

Filming Location: Spitfire, Seattle WA




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