More Pairings Coming This Fall!


Our newest feature, Bites and Bottles, is getting very popular very quickly.  Up until now, we’ve been focused on making sure we have a wine to pair with the things you make for dinner on a regular basis.  But what if not everyone at the table drinks wine?

Coming soon, we’ll be expanding Bites and Bottles to include a beer and liquor/cocktail pairings along with the wine pairing.  We’ll spotlight one meal we all make at home, then offer three pairings of different adult beverages!

Northwest-renown chef Kathy Casey will our host Brian Calvert each week to suggest a wine, a beer, and a cocktail for some of your favorite dinners.  Kathy is so fun, and very creative when it comes to food pairings.

We’re in the process of recording this featuring now, so watch this space for the debut of the new and improved Bites and Bottles soon.  In the meantime, enjoy our past episodes featuring awesome wine pairings .



Bites and Bottles will soon include:

Wine  –  Beer  –  Liquor/Cocktails








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